Friday, December 31, 2010


Its New Year's Eve today, and I guess I'm just gonna celebrate it at home and countdown with a couple of movies.. so yeah.. Wish I had new year resolutions to do.. but since I already posted them, I've got nothing..

Hi guys, here wishing you all a Happy bew Year and may 2011 bring all of us good luck aite? So have fun and keep tuning in.. PEACE!

random 2010 pic..
Peace out!!
Last post for 2010!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So... Went to H&G Annual Camp *CHEERS!!* from 17-19 dec 2010.. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! WOOHOO!!It all started like this...

One day before camp.. after knwoing the date of the PMR results and camp next day.. I hardly slept.. and i woke up quite sleepy but excited.. VERY excited... 1st time go camp mar.. So.. We reached school at about 620? put stuff outside jor.. wait for teacher to come.. got our booklets.. Mausk baris.. and yeah.. u noe the drill.. THEN!! We had to wait for the bus.. wich was late by 1 and a half hour.. GENG DAO! wait until hungry jor loo.. a whole bunch of ppl waiting at esso.. wow.. nicenya.. HAHA

Then, 1st place we went to was Serendah's Waterfall.. at first dun wan go down and play one.. then looks too exciting jor.. so i just joined the fun.. HAHA.. awesome.. we got all wet.. and everyone had to share the girl's bathroom.. btw.. the bathroom damn stinky wei... haha... did i mention i got bijih timah trapped in my pockets? yeah.. put my phone in it.. when i pull my phone up.. all de bijih timah sticking on de cover jor.. haha.... like glitter oni.. SO, continue.. after changing, we boarded the bus and headed for LUNCH!!! I LUV LUNCH!! HAHA.. de plan was supposed to be stop at Kuala Kubu Baru for HAINAN CHICKEN CHOP! In the end, we had to DA BAO up to GAP there and eat.. so.. we ate at 2 o clock plus... AWESOME... not crunchy ady.. but awesome.. not worth 10 dollars though..

After eating.. we start our journey up Fraser's Hill at 3pm!! YEAH! when we reached the mansion.. it was still raining.. so wehad to go down one by one wif de ajk's holding umbrellas.. denise walked me to de mansion door.. and de first thought that came to my mind was.. creepy.. HAHA.. ask anyone they will give u the same answer.. we took our luggage up to our rooom.. opened the window.. felt the fresh air.. then went out for telematch in THE RAIN!! AWESOME!!

We finnaly thought of our group name: Lamos.. haha.. group slogan: Lame dao, Geng dao, Walao, Zadao.. LOL.. it was totally random.. funny though.. XD the telematch was cyt down from 6 to 2 games cuz we didn't want everyone to get sick on the 1st day.. we played 2 games.. de 1st game was kinda for ice breaking, group 2 won.. de 2nd game was to exhange ping pong balls from a pail to another using ur mouth.. i kinda slipped(so did a lot of ppl) and dirtied my white shirt.. LOL..

After an unsatisfying bath.. (de shower is DRIPPING WATER AT ITS MAXIMUM WATER PRESSURE!! lucky to even get ur whole body wet) we had STEAMBOAT DINNER!! Oh yeah.. forgotten about a game b4 telematch... we played guardian angel.. and guess who i got.. Jeannie Chong.. LOL.. she was in my group.. During steamboat, everyone was like shouting: Guardian, I want this , I want that.. LOL.. My guardian was awesome.. keep giving me stuff.. used a bunch of diff person summore.. confusing sia.. XD I also gave jeannie lots of stuff... sadly my last one, she couldn't eat it, she was too full.. it was a smiley face.. XD

After dinner, Fook Hong introduced to us the song writing session.. we were supposed to write our own group song and present it the next day... the song must consist of a verse and a chorus.. and dats supposed to be out theme song of the camp.. good idea.. but no time prepare.. cuz after that, we played CSI at the mansion wif the lights out.. we walked around investigating, interrogating, and played around, getting scared by hoc weng.. haiz.. so in the end... group 2 was the only one who got it right.. it was KHAI QI!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! zz.. she acted so innocent.. ahha.. it was 12 by the time we were done.. but me and pui yi stayed up to try and finish de song.. and we did!! HAHA.. it was 1 when i went back to my room.. they all slept ady.. so i just took my stuff and go to the other room and sleep... Hardly slept at all.. haiz...

next morning.. we woke up quite early for marching.. everyone was as cold as ice.. HAHA.. i was like.. ok... SO, we marched, everyone got warmed up and we COOKED OUR OWN BREAKFAST! ENGLISH BREAKFAST!! it was fun.. I was full and we went for nature walk.. ok, tip for u ppl who r going to fraser's hill.. if u want something dry.. u can't hang it.. its hopesless.. best hope? wear it and walk around.. thats wat i did for my pants.. ahha.. it worked.. damn dry man.. XD
Nature walk was awesome.. we had a guide who led us through the hemmant trail.. it was interestting.. some ppl got bitten by mini leeches.. so yeah.. AWESOME!! HAHAHA then we walked back to sri berkat and had our cooking competition.. our group had our awesome chefs wailoon and pui yee.. AHHAA we owned.. didn't use de sardine though.. cuz many ppl didnt lke it..
After some Char bee Hoon wif nuggets.. we played amazing race.. WHICH IS WICKED!!! WE HAD TO RUN AROUND FRASER'S HILL FOR THIS!! damn tiring.. lasted for 5 hours.. and was raining summore.. ok.. drizzling then.. HAHA.. awesome day.. ended at 8th place? and we had to walk up to sri berkat wif torchlights at abt 8 and we were all hyper yet tired.. So then we ate BBQ Dinner... they were great! then, WE STARTED OUR MINI CONCERT! at 10! amazing performances.. then the senior performances.. ooo.. just great.. then, it came to the sad sad part.. bonding session..(too many details.. sad details dun wanna say it here)
Bonding session ended at abt 2 sumthing.. and we all planned to do drama.. but was too tired so all went to sleep.. Next morning.. we woke up an hour later than planned.. ate a simple breakfast of breakfast cereals.. then we had our drama session.. we used the given 1 hour to prepare our drama.. THEN PRESENT! AWESOME DAY MAN.. everyone's drama was so entertaining.. then, team 10 produced their drama.. which is awesome too..
then, price giving.. 5th place went to 5th group.. 4th place went to de 3rd group.. 3rd place was won by my group.. the 1st group.. 2rd place was won by the 2nd team while the champions were de 4th group.. AHHA we all had fun.. had a bad lunch.. sad to say.. XD den went down to GAP for our team photo!!! we had lots of fun there.. sent a few bikers off the hill and yeah.. thats about it..
Conclusion: awesome trip.. Fraser's Hill FTW! Im definitely gonna convince my mom for another camp next year.. AHAH.. oh wait.. next year is form4's year.. AAAA!!!!!
Peace out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday bores

So.. stuck at home mostly for these hols.. or go to school.. thats all there is.. lazy to even flip open a book at all.. I am really getting more and more like a couch potato.. I need to seriously get ready man... form 4 is coming.. my stamina is like already below bad standard.. and ned to start training for rentas desa next year.. need to get points again.. MUST! So.. plan to make some new year resolution..

1) Need to gain some weight...
Im a little underweight.. so i think.. maybe some muscles to help?? maybe.. just maybe..

2) try and secure a point in rentas desa..
Well.. i got it this year.. barely.. so try and do better next year?

3) study hard...
Every year.. this only works at the beginning of the year.. as months go by.. i get more and more lazy... so.. try to work on that..

4) more time planning?
ok.. so im not de best time managment guy in de whole world.. and form 4 is a tough year.. so.. COME ON!

5) learn more songs on my guitar..
My guitar song library is just damn little... need to learn more songs..

6)work out...
work out... im too skinny..

7)save money
Im gonna save up for a guitar... my old one is just full of scratches.. HAHA

8)have fun
Next year is sick... so.. try and relax.. and just enjoy.. Haha..

well.. thats all for now.. gonna go back to watching dvd's have fun you all..

Peace out!

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