Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunway skates!

muahaha.. so, i just went to sunway yesterday with Chi Cheen, de 2+2 Form 3 twins.. Tze Junn, Tze Yenn and Bryan Yong and Kham Fei.. Su-Lynn and some others.. total: 9 heads..

So.. I just went in and i saw de 2 twins and Jack sitting at de starbucks couch.. cuz dey didn't noe to gather at mcd.. HAHAH.. dai sei.. So i brought them to mc d... whr we saw.. CC..

OMG!! she let her hair down and i was like.. who is dis person? lol.. didnt recognise her at all.. so.. me and cc decided to grab breakfast at mcd.. we ordered our sets and found a table by the bar to eat.. and while we were eating and talking.. Su-Lynn and de others had to come and blab abt 2 person world and stuf.. lol.. for de last time.. WE R JUST FRENS!!

After that.. we threw our coffee.. AHAHA.. and bought tickets for skating.. 175 total.. some bought gloves for rm8.. normal price was 15.. ok.. so de stupid cashier and her stupid impatient face was there to ruin the mood.. but.. because of our optimism.. she was ignored.. and we went in.. had our skates(43 size)... and straped on and skating time began..

first round took me a looooooong time to complete,, jammed at the sidelines.. HAHA.. then slow ly.. learned to walk den skate.. but pushing only coming from de right leg.. for me.. right leg is accelerator.. and left leg is steering wheel.. HAHA.. once an aunty took my hand for no reason.. and laughing all de way.. i was like wat??

HAHHAHA.. skating for 3 hoursa was fun.. absolute fun! I DIDNT FALL EVEN ONCE!! HAHA.. then we went to eat at the jusco food court. i ordered lemon chicken rice and cc ordered fried rice from de same stall.. when the fried rice came out.. she was like.. a lot le.. den i offered to help her finish and she said thx.. HAHA.. so. then.. i finished her rice while the table was going crazy abt it..

den.. we went to de arcade.. spent 6 bucks der.. found out dat cc wasn't really good at dancing.. HAHA.. zadou. i won like saio.. den won de guys at daytona.. MUAHAHA.. oo.. den saw jamie and hui huang and another fren de.r.. feakish awesome.. sooner or later. everyone went back home.. and left me and cc..

we went to de popular cuz same time go back ma.. which is whr i pulled a little prank.. called hide behind a shelf and scare ur friend wif a boo.. ehn i said boo.. she was like.. so damn funny.. HAHA.. den we read our books and finnaly she went back home den me.. XD good day good times! love it!

Peace out!