Monday, October 18, 2010


After PMR, the bigggest companion is this laptop that is so awesome! I even skipped tuition on my mom's order!! AWESOME!!!! HAAA... so bad that my garena account got hacked... sien wei, i got a lot of contacts inside one.. I HATE U HACKER!!!

Dota gets more and more fun everyday... and today was de badminton competition for singles.. lost to hushil.. I ran too much b4 de comp start.. so no stamina at de 2nd set.. HAIZ! SO its just me doing useless stuff.. Hope 2moro's fixtures won't be as stupid as today's.. OK lar.. almost got ntg to say liao.. rmb go see my pics on facebook! (back to lick hung and de swimming outing)

Peace out!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

pmr is almost over!

harhar!!!! PMR only left 2 days a!!! MAUAHAHA... then relaxation liao!! so.. marked my papers based on the fb answers... so.. so far.. i think i've got a good chance on full a's.. HAHA

Starting to love this pmr life style.. HAHHA.. freaking relaxed... MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! squeezed out a pimple thx to jing yee and lau ying ying.. HAHA and also.. tried something new.. kua.. haha.. watever la..

now studying for chinese and kh.. kh only flip through can liao la.. a already one.. XDXD i no berlagak.. XD

haha.. so tell me la.. what are your plans after pmr... (cbox)

Peace out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So.. the PMR exam finnaly came.. today was the 1st paper.. BM...

well, the paper wasn't very hard.. the paper 1 was harder than the paper 2.. but so far.. all is well.. Just that our class's clock is like.. 5 minutes slower than the e block's students... so they kinda get to go out earlier.. and i was the last one to the VAN!!! OMFG!!!

haha... have flu plus sore throat.. but hoping for tomorrow's english.. can't wait..

Peace out!