Friday, August 20, 2010

exam is over!

Exam is finally over... can relax 4 a while... then back to pmr study.. wa... damn sien wei.. AHAHA... i dun feel like studying at all liao.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

SO, school is fun nowadays... we get to hang out a lot.. A LOT!!!!!!! Oh, I love school suddenly... ahha.. dunno why.. siao liao... anyway, I WANNA DIE LIAO LA>> pressure for pmr is unbearable.. can't wait for results to come out for trials...

Peace out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rewind: GI Joe

I just watched GI. Joe and I love it the more i watch it.. AHAH! ITS AWESOME WEI! can't wait for the 2nd movie to come out.. it will be a blast!! Meanwhile.. noticed that in the movie... baroness is actually quite hot.. HAHA... here's her pic.. She is the baroness of the show.. Just thought you guys might wanna catch this show... HAHA

and also

haha.. damn yeng.. exam so far so good lar.... zzz... i hate exams lar.. sien..

Peace out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lol... sorry again.. Genting Trip!

So.. sorry for the late post again.. Haha.. ok.. last Sunday.. I went to genting for fun.... I got a free room and 2 free theme park passes.. So I eventually went there..

When we reached there.. we had to wait 1 hour and 30 min just to check in!! So, we ate lunch at the food court after checking in. I ate a Chicken Chop rice.. not entirely satisfying and not full enuf.. haiz.. suan liao lor.. then, we applied for the tickets but the theme park passes only can redeem during low peak... WHICH IS MON-FRI only... Lame la! so, I went to buy a ticket for ,my dad and my sis and also for myself la.. (duh?) We watch "The Sorceress Apprentice" which is damn awesome... The movie was at 8 though.. My sis and dad slept in the room while studied sohai geografi.. zz then, we ate dinner.. I ate herbal soup mee + duck... it was awesome.. And also the awesome movie.. yeap.. everything is awesome..

After the movie, I went down the escalator and we reached the grand stage mar.. they having Q&A session.. I got one correct and got a tumbler.. HAHA!
MC: What is the letters on the new Genting Logo and what does it stand for?
(I raise my hand after 1,2,3!) (he chose me)
John: RW, Resort World!
MC: Correct, here's the prize, How did you know? You are so young

Actually I didn't know what to say.. then i blabbered something out..

John: Because I'm awesome!
MC: Yeah, ur awesome. Enjoy!

Lol.. then we went to kfc and shared a X-meal (all 3 of us).. it was awesome and cool... the temperature was like.. 15 Celcius.. its raining also.. so damn nice and cooling...

Next day, ate breakfast at the buffet.. for free.. HHAHAA! then, go theme park!!!!

only me and my sis went... Here is the sequence and what did we sit:
1) Pirate Ship
2) Bumping Boat
3) Spinning tea Cup
4) Corkscrew
5) Go Kart
6) Lunch.. HAHA
7) Motion Master
8) Cyclone
9) Solero Shot
10) Thunder Mining Train
11) Sg. Rajang Flume Ride

All these rides were awesome.. then we went downhill.. and ate dinner at Bt. Tinngi and went back home..

Got a few tips for ya..
1) for parking.. go down to below lvl6.. got a lot of parking.. dun be stupid and look for parking up there lar..
2) for go kart.. pick car no 12.. damn fast
3) scold the arabians.. keep cutting line.. say my fren in front.. fuck you la..

well.. that's all I think.. pics on facebook.. add me
John Yeo Chun Huay

Peace out!