Thursday, July 15, 2010

lolol.. slow update

So, its been a while since I blogged anyway.. HAHA.. soon, this will also be part of District Flare's blogg... gonna do 2 songs in the holidays maybe more.. dunno yet.. ALSO! we are gonna feature a special singer.. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! stay tune la...anyway, watched Eclipse on Sunday with Jing Xian, Brandon, Teng Hoong, and Jay.
It was awesome.. except we had to kill our necks.. we sat at the 1st row man! DAMN FRIGGISH ANNOYING! haha.. wat to do? full house you know.. haiz.. so, today teacher gave us the AFTER PMR(woohoo) activities... awesome.. domino workshop for RM1.. cheap! haha... but 1 thing I can't believe... rock climbing costs MORE then paintball!! 82-56... OMG! paintball 57 or so only.. quite cheap right.. Anyway, going to petrosains and the amazing race.. definitely... and also the DOMino workshop.. can;t wait for OMR to end.. trials coming soon.. gonna die of studying pressure.. HAIZ!

Peace out!