Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where is the love??? WTH!

So, recently.. my friend actually asked a girl out and tried to ask her to be his girlfriend.. As far as i know.. they love each other very much... Just, the girl has quite a lot of gangster friends and she is kinda like part of them.. so, call her a gangster girl... So, GG knew that my friend likes her, and she told me she liked him too.. BUT, (this part makes me real angry) She wouldnt go out with him just because, she is a gangster, and he ain't.. well, my friend ain't exactly very gangstery, and not that nerdy kinda type of guy, his just normal..(neutral) watever.. SO, the reason was she is scared that her gangster friends wont like her just because her bf ain't a gangster.. WTF... WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTF...

Haiz.. so, i asked my friend to move on.. altough he was heartbroken, he says he needs time.. wat is wrong anyway, can't pepople couple with other people which are not their kinda group? like wat, nerds can't date gangsters? or athletes can't date de artmaniacs.. its all a simple matter of psychological thing.. haiz.. seriously i just dun't get it..

Anyway, sumone said XOXO aint cool for me. so i decided to change.. haha

Peace out!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I feel so dumb..

Lol... looking at the calendar.. i realize.. I only have like only 4days to exam.. lol.. my study progress is only like 10 percent.. wow, i am doomed!! haha.. going to tuition later.. where the mid year exam is on progress.. hope i can get the highest score again.. wow, look at the time, havent bath, havent eat.. mati liao.. 30 mminutes to do everythign.. haiz..


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anniversary to that thoughtful day...

Well.. yesterday was the date where i freaking did that unthoughtful thing.. 15th of May.. Teachers day... still rmb quite well.. XD.. it was like it just happened yesterday... haha.. anyway. I did some things over the freaking weeks.. let me tell you all 1 by 1.

First, found my old beyblade toy.. so freaking happy!! was planning to bring to school 2moro, mana tahu.. i keep spin until one of the metal parts blew apart.. it still can be spinned.. but not as long as b4.. I spun it wif de metal ring on and it actuallly lasted for a whole 1.12 minutes.. after falling off the table, hitting the cupboard, hitting my toe(ouch) and a digi bag.. nice.. after the metal ring blew apart.. 20 secs only.. haiz.. i hate myself..

Secondly, Getting in the mood to study right now.. haha.. should be some fun out of studying.. lol.. need to concentrate more.. and btw.. I AM GETTING OVER HER... MUAHAHAHAH ioh i am good.. XD

Thirdly, forming a band with some of my friends.. and maybe train as a vocalist in my friends band..(they sing japanese songs, no vocailst, hard rock, interested, tell me.. i am helping them find) they have a freaking good bass guitarist freaking good drummer and a freaking good electric guitarist!!!

Fourthly, Finish learning ur call.. now just trying to coordinate myself and de guitar rhythm,, CANNOT CATCH UP A!! always too slow or too fast. haiz.. work on it after 2nd exam..

Lastly, going to school 2moro and need to see the frog again.. haiz.. feeling like slaughtering her.. haha.. pity her husband anyway..

So thats all for now.. in case u havent add me on facebook.. its John Yeo Chun Huay.. so add me baby!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Me and my pathetic little emotions... and some happy notes!

I dunno what got into me lately.. old feelings are just flooding back into me.. thinking back.. those days were kinda weird... high school romance just aint worth it.. I realised, high school is atough stage where everyone has to go through, so we have to bear with it. Lol...

Anyway, to cheer things up, I'll give you guys a little heads up on wat is up wif me these days.

Firstly, I am learning how to play your call-Secondhand serenade currently. WISH ME GOOD LUCK!! XD

Secondly, I got changed place again, fuck that teacher. Wont even listen to explanations.. So call reasonable.. T.T

Thirdly, quite bz with studies.. stupid exams coming.. thinking abt pmr in 5 months.. *faint*

Fourthly, got chs idol finals coming up.. btw, i am de host.. so trying to improvise de scripts.. haiz...

Lastly, de truth is im still not over her.. but im really trying damn hard so wish me luck!! haha, good luck to all ppl who are gonna sit for de exams!


Freaking love this cover... ON THE ROCK ROCKS!!!

haha, check this out.. cover for bad romance-lady gaga

hope you all like it!