Thursday, January 14, 2010

new form!!! and new year resolution

I am in form 3 right now!! YEAH!! wake up at 6... board the van at 6.20.. reach school at abt 7 10 like dat lar...

morning class actually more fun... can have more time doing homework... ok.. new year resolution..
1)Get better results(DUH!)
2)Get less stomach ache in a year!
3)Try to bulid up frindship dat was lost with J.Y
4)Like the teachers more... (its hard)
5) DUNT fall asleep in class..

and i think dats about it.. and sum things to actually hope from my post..

Since its PMR year.. I wont be able to post as usual... sBut is eriously promise! dis will be coming ur way!
1) every movies I watch will be reviewed by me!! HAHAH
2) will also introduce songs to you!
3) (not guranteed) will change playlists often
4) post more abt myself!!! HAHAHA
dats all..

P.S: if my posts dun have "John XOXO".. its not by me... den my account is hacked.. LOL..