Friday, December 31, 2010


Its New Year's Eve today, and I guess I'm just gonna celebrate it at home and countdown with a couple of movies.. so yeah.. Wish I had new year resolutions to do.. but since I already posted them, I've got nothing..

Hi guys, here wishing you all a Happy bew Year and may 2011 bring all of us good luck aite? So have fun and keep tuning in.. PEACE!

random 2010 pic..
Peace out!!
Last post for 2010!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So... Went to H&G Annual Camp *CHEERS!!* from 17-19 dec 2010.. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! WOOHOO!!It all started like this...

One day before camp.. after knwoing the date of the PMR results and camp next day.. I hardly slept.. and i woke up quite sleepy but excited.. VERY excited... 1st time go camp mar.. So.. We reached school at about 620? put stuff outside jor.. wait for teacher to come.. got our booklets.. Mausk baris.. and yeah.. u noe the drill.. THEN!! We had to wait for the bus.. wich was late by 1 and a half hour.. GENG DAO! wait until hungry jor loo.. a whole bunch of ppl waiting at esso.. wow.. nicenya.. HAHA

Then, 1st place we went to was Serendah's Waterfall.. at first dun wan go down and play one.. then looks too exciting jor.. so i just joined the fun.. HAHA.. awesome.. we got all wet.. and everyone had to share the girl's bathroom.. btw.. the bathroom damn stinky wei... haha... did i mention i got bijih timah trapped in my pockets? yeah.. put my phone in it.. when i pull my phone up.. all de bijih timah sticking on de cover jor.. haha.... like glitter oni.. SO, continue.. after changing, we boarded the bus and headed for LUNCH!!! I LUV LUNCH!! HAHA.. de plan was supposed to be stop at Kuala Kubu Baru for HAINAN CHICKEN CHOP! In the end, we had to DA BAO up to GAP there and eat.. so.. we ate at 2 o clock plus... AWESOME... not crunchy ady.. but awesome.. not worth 10 dollars though..

After eating.. we start our journey up Fraser's Hill at 3pm!! YEAH! when we reached the mansion.. it was still raining.. so wehad to go down one by one wif de ajk's holding umbrellas.. denise walked me to de mansion door.. and de first thought that came to my mind was.. creepy.. HAHA.. ask anyone they will give u the same answer.. we took our luggage up to our rooom.. opened the window.. felt the fresh air.. then went out for telematch in THE RAIN!! AWESOME!!

We finnaly thought of our group name: Lamos.. haha.. group slogan: Lame dao, Geng dao, Walao, Zadao.. LOL.. it was totally random.. funny though.. XD the telematch was cyt down from 6 to 2 games cuz we didn't want everyone to get sick on the 1st day.. we played 2 games.. de 1st game was kinda for ice breaking, group 2 won.. de 2nd game was to exhange ping pong balls from a pail to another using ur mouth.. i kinda slipped(so did a lot of ppl) and dirtied my white shirt.. LOL..

After an unsatisfying bath.. (de shower is DRIPPING WATER AT ITS MAXIMUM WATER PRESSURE!! lucky to even get ur whole body wet) we had STEAMBOAT DINNER!! Oh yeah.. forgotten about a game b4 telematch... we played guardian angel.. and guess who i got.. Jeannie Chong.. LOL.. she was in my group.. During steamboat, everyone was like shouting: Guardian, I want this , I want that.. LOL.. My guardian was awesome.. keep giving me stuff.. used a bunch of diff person summore.. confusing sia.. XD I also gave jeannie lots of stuff... sadly my last one, she couldn't eat it, she was too full.. it was a smiley face.. XD

After dinner, Fook Hong introduced to us the song writing session.. we were supposed to write our own group song and present it the next day... the song must consist of a verse and a chorus.. and dats supposed to be out theme song of the camp.. good idea.. but no time prepare.. cuz after that, we played CSI at the mansion wif the lights out.. we walked around investigating, interrogating, and played around, getting scared by hoc weng.. haiz.. so in the end... group 2 was the only one who got it right.. it was KHAI QI!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! zz.. she acted so innocent.. ahha.. it was 12 by the time we were done.. but me and pui yi stayed up to try and finish de song.. and we did!! HAHA.. it was 1 when i went back to my room.. they all slept ady.. so i just took my stuff and go to the other room and sleep... Hardly slept at all.. haiz...

next morning.. we woke up quite early for marching.. everyone was as cold as ice.. HAHA.. i was like.. ok... SO, we marched, everyone got warmed up and we COOKED OUR OWN BREAKFAST! ENGLISH BREAKFAST!! it was fun.. I was full and we went for nature walk.. ok, tip for u ppl who r going to fraser's hill.. if u want something dry.. u can't hang it.. its hopesless.. best hope? wear it and walk around.. thats wat i did for my pants.. ahha.. it worked.. damn dry man.. XD
Nature walk was awesome.. we had a guide who led us through the hemmant trail.. it was interestting.. some ppl got bitten by mini leeches.. so yeah.. AWESOME!! HAHAHA then we walked back to sri berkat and had our cooking competition.. our group had our awesome chefs wailoon and pui yee.. AHHAA we owned.. didn't use de sardine though.. cuz many ppl didnt lke it..
After some Char bee Hoon wif nuggets.. we played amazing race.. WHICH IS WICKED!!! WE HAD TO RUN AROUND FRASER'S HILL FOR THIS!! damn tiring.. lasted for 5 hours.. and was raining summore.. ok.. drizzling then.. HAHA.. awesome day.. ended at 8th place? and we had to walk up to sri berkat wif torchlights at abt 8 and we were all hyper yet tired.. So then we ate BBQ Dinner... they were great! then, WE STARTED OUR MINI CONCERT! at 10! amazing performances.. then the senior performances.. ooo.. just great.. then, it came to the sad sad part.. bonding session..(too many details.. sad details dun wanna say it here)
Bonding session ended at abt 2 sumthing.. and we all planned to do drama.. but was too tired so all went to sleep.. Next morning.. we woke up an hour later than planned.. ate a simple breakfast of breakfast cereals.. then we had our drama session.. we used the given 1 hour to prepare our drama.. THEN PRESENT! AWESOME DAY MAN.. everyone's drama was so entertaining.. then, team 10 produced their drama.. which is awesome too..
then, price giving.. 5th place went to 5th group.. 4th place went to de 3rd group.. 3rd place was won by my group.. the 1st group.. 2rd place was won by the 2nd team while the champions were de 4th group.. AHHA we all had fun.. had a bad lunch.. sad to say.. XD den went down to GAP for our team photo!!! we had lots of fun there.. sent a few bikers off the hill and yeah.. thats about it..
Conclusion: awesome trip.. Fraser's Hill FTW! Im definitely gonna convince my mom for another camp next year.. AHAH.. oh wait.. next year is form4's year.. AAAA!!!!!
Peace out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday bores

So.. stuck at home mostly for these hols.. or go to school.. thats all there is.. lazy to even flip open a book at all.. I am really getting more and more like a couch potato.. I need to seriously get ready man... form 4 is coming.. my stamina is like already below bad standard.. and ned to start training for rentas desa next year.. need to get points again.. MUST! So.. plan to make some new year resolution..

1) Need to gain some weight...
Im a little underweight.. so i think.. maybe some muscles to help?? maybe.. just maybe..

2) try and secure a point in rentas desa..
Well.. i got it this year.. barely.. so try and do better next year?

3) study hard...
Every year.. this only works at the beginning of the year.. as months go by.. i get more and more lazy... so.. try to work on that..

4) more time planning?
ok.. so im not de best time managment guy in de whole world.. and form 4 is a tough year.. so.. COME ON!

5) learn more songs on my guitar..
My guitar song library is just damn little... need to learn more songs..

6)work out...
work out... im too skinny..

7)save money
Im gonna save up for a guitar... my old one is just full of scratches.. HAHA

8)have fun
Next year is sick... so.. try and relax.. and just enjoy.. Haha..

well.. thats all for now.. gonna go back to watching dvd's have fun you all..

Peace out!

P.s removing cbox due to unknown spammers

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunway skates!

muahaha.. so, i just went to sunway yesterday with Chi Cheen, de 2+2 Form 3 twins.. Tze Junn, Tze Yenn and Bryan Yong and Kham Fei.. Su-Lynn and some others.. total: 9 heads..

So.. I just went in and i saw de 2 twins and Jack sitting at de starbucks couch.. cuz dey didn't noe to gather at mcd.. HAHAH.. dai sei.. So i brought them to mc d... whr we saw.. CC..

OMG!! she let her hair down and i was like.. who is dis person? lol.. didnt recognise her at all.. so.. me and cc decided to grab breakfast at mcd.. we ordered our sets and found a table by the bar to eat.. and while we were eating and talking.. Su-Lynn and de others had to come and blab abt 2 person world and stuf.. lol.. for de last time.. WE R JUST FRENS!!

After that.. we threw our coffee.. AHAHA.. and bought tickets for skating.. 175 total.. some bought gloves for rm8.. normal price was 15.. ok.. so de stupid cashier and her stupid impatient face was there to ruin the mood.. but.. because of our optimism.. she was ignored.. and we went in.. had our skates(43 size)... and straped on and skating time began..

first round took me a looooooong time to complete,, jammed at the sidelines.. HAHA.. then slow ly.. learned to walk den skate.. but pushing only coming from de right leg.. for me.. right leg is accelerator.. and left leg is steering wheel.. HAHA.. once an aunty took my hand for no reason.. and laughing all de way.. i was like wat??

HAHHAHA.. skating for 3 hoursa was fun.. absolute fun! I DIDNT FALL EVEN ONCE!! HAHA.. then we went to eat at the jusco food court. i ordered lemon chicken rice and cc ordered fried rice from de same stall.. when the fried rice came out.. she was like.. a lot le.. den i offered to help her finish and she said thx.. HAHA.. so. then.. i finished her rice while the table was going crazy abt it..

den.. we went to de arcade.. spent 6 bucks der.. found out dat cc wasn't really good at dancing.. HAHA.. zadou. i won like saio.. den won de guys at daytona.. MUAHAHA.. oo.. den saw jamie and hui huang and another fren de.r.. feakish awesome.. sooner or later. everyone went back home.. and left me and cc..

we went to de popular cuz same time go back ma.. which is whr i pulled a little prank.. called hide behind a shelf and scare ur friend wif a boo.. ehn i said boo.. she was like.. so damn funny.. HAHA.. den we read our books and finnaly she went back home den me.. XD good day good times! love it!

Peace out!

Monday, October 18, 2010


After PMR, the bigggest companion is this laptop that is so awesome! I even skipped tuition on my mom's order!! AWESOME!!!! HAAA... so bad that my garena account got hacked... sien wei, i got a lot of contacts inside one.. I HATE U HACKER!!!

Dota gets more and more fun everyday... and today was de badminton competition for singles.. lost to hushil.. I ran too much b4 de comp start.. so no stamina at de 2nd set.. HAIZ! SO its just me doing useless stuff.. Hope 2moro's fixtures won't be as stupid as today's.. OK lar.. almost got ntg to say liao.. rmb go see my pics on facebook! (back to lick hung and de swimming outing)

Peace out!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

pmr is almost over!

harhar!!!! PMR only left 2 days a!!! MAUAHAHA... then relaxation liao!! so.. marked my papers based on the fb answers... so.. so far.. i think i've got a good chance on full a's.. HAHA

Starting to love this pmr life style.. HAHHA.. freaking relaxed... MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! squeezed out a pimple thx to jing yee and lau ying ying.. HAHA and also.. tried something new.. kua.. haha.. watever la..

now studying for chinese and kh.. kh only flip through can liao la.. a already one.. XDXD i no berlagak.. XD

haha.. so tell me la.. what are your plans after pmr... (cbox)

Peace out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So.. the PMR exam finnaly came.. today was the 1st paper.. BM...

well, the paper wasn't very hard.. the paper 1 was harder than the paper 2.. but so far.. all is well.. Just that our class's clock is like.. 5 minutes slower than the e block's students... so they kinda get to go out earlier.. and i was the last one to the VAN!!! OMFG!!!

haha... have flu plus sore throat.. but hoping for tomorrow's english.. can't wait..

Peace out!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

walao.. 1 more week..

1 more week till pmr... 2 more weeks till freedom.. HAHA... i lost track of time lately... XD.. So, progress on my studies are not very good... and i hope to study more... but,,, since the pmr new rule says.. we MUST use ball pen.. i mean... wat the hell man..

So, that means i have to go shopping!!! haha.. new ball pens.. awesome!!! so hope all f3's out there good luck in pmr.. MAY THE FORCE BE WIF YOU!!!

Peace out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

wow... so fast

Looking at the calendar.. I only have 22 days left till de start of pmr... and 229 days till de start of dotaing.. haiz.. i dun think imm really prepared... damn cam.. cannot study.. no mood.. HAHA..

sien la... now become partly anti sosial also.. freaking sien.. at home whole day... study only.. ZZZZZ
oh ya... my twitter active liao.. hehe..

follow me la.. name is.. : chunhuay
very easy punya..

boring post right?? yeah.. cuz it describes my hols.. haha

Peace out!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you everyone!

Wow.. what a birthday this year!! haha.. kena kai bao one day b4 it summore.. XD

I wanna thank all these ppl..
2)Sherry!!! Thank you for the cake and the card.. Love ya!
3)All choir ppl!! Thx for the song Jie Ying and Zhi Jie.. and thanks for all ur wishes!
4)All my frens! Thanks for your wishes!!

So far.. my best bday ever.. thank you all!!! Muaks!

Peace out!

Friday, August 20, 2010

exam is over!

Exam is finally over... can relax 4 a while... then back to pmr study.. wa... damn sien wei.. AHAHA... i dun feel like studying at all liao.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

SO, school is fun nowadays... we get to hang out a lot.. A LOT!!!!!!! Oh, I love school suddenly... ahha.. dunno why.. siao liao... anyway, I WANNA DIE LIAO LA>> pressure for pmr is unbearable.. can't wait for results to come out for trials...

Peace out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rewind: GI Joe

I just watched GI. Joe and I love it the more i watch it.. AHAH! ITS AWESOME WEI! can't wait for the 2nd movie to come out.. it will be a blast!! Meanwhile.. noticed that in the movie... baroness is actually quite hot.. HAHA... here's her pic.. She is the baroness of the show.. Just thought you guys might wanna catch this show... HAHA

and also

haha.. damn yeng.. exam so far so good lar.... zzz... i hate exams lar.. sien..

Peace out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lol... sorry again.. Genting Trip!

So.. sorry for the late post again.. Haha.. ok.. last Sunday.. I went to genting for fun.... I got a free room and 2 free theme park passes.. So I eventually went there..

When we reached there.. we had to wait 1 hour and 30 min just to check in!! So, we ate lunch at the food court after checking in. I ate a Chicken Chop rice.. not entirely satisfying and not full enuf.. haiz.. suan liao lor.. then, we applied for the tickets but the theme park passes only can redeem during low peak... WHICH IS MON-FRI only... Lame la! so, I went to buy a ticket for ,my dad and my sis and also for myself la.. (duh?) We watch "The Sorceress Apprentice" which is damn awesome... The movie was at 8 though.. My sis and dad slept in the room while studied sohai geografi.. zz then, we ate dinner.. I ate herbal soup mee + duck... it was awesome.. And also the awesome movie.. yeap.. everything is awesome..

After the movie, I went down the escalator and we reached the grand stage mar.. they having Q&A session.. I got one correct and got a tumbler.. HAHA!
MC: What is the letters on the new Genting Logo and what does it stand for?
(I raise my hand after 1,2,3!) (he chose me)
John: RW, Resort World!
MC: Correct, here's the prize, How did you know? You are so young

Actually I didn't know what to say.. then i blabbered something out..

John: Because I'm awesome!
MC: Yeah, ur awesome. Enjoy!

Lol.. then we went to kfc and shared a X-meal (all 3 of us).. it was awesome and cool... the temperature was like.. 15 Celcius.. its raining also.. so damn nice and cooling...

Next day, ate breakfast at the buffet.. for free.. HHAHAA! then, go theme park!!!!

only me and my sis went... Here is the sequence and what did we sit:
1) Pirate Ship
2) Bumping Boat
3) Spinning tea Cup
4) Corkscrew
5) Go Kart
6) Lunch.. HAHA
7) Motion Master
8) Cyclone
9) Solero Shot
10) Thunder Mining Train
11) Sg. Rajang Flume Ride

All these rides were awesome.. then we went downhill.. and ate dinner at Bt. Tinngi and went back home..

Got a few tips for ya..
1) for parking.. go down to below lvl6.. got a lot of parking.. dun be stupid and look for parking up there lar..
2) for go kart.. pick car no 12.. damn fast
3) scold the arabians.. keep cutting line.. say my fren in front.. fuck you la..

well.. that's all I think.. pics on facebook.. add me
John Yeo Chun Huay

Peace out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

lolol.. slow update

So, its been a while since I blogged anyway.. HAHA.. soon, this will also be part of District Flare's blogg... gonna do 2 songs in the holidays maybe more.. dunno yet.. ALSO! we are gonna feature a special singer.. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! stay tune la...anyway, watched Eclipse on Sunday with Jing Xian, Brandon, Teng Hoong, and Jay.
It was awesome.. except we had to kill our necks.. we sat at the 1st row man! DAMN FRIGGISH ANNOYING! haha.. wat to do? full house you know.. haiz.. so, today teacher gave us the AFTER PMR(woohoo) activities... awesome.. domino workshop for RM1.. cheap! haha... but 1 thing I can't believe... rock climbing costs MORE then paintball!! 82-56... OMG! paintball 57 or so only.. quite cheap right.. Anyway, going to petrosains and the amazing race.. definitely... and also the DOMino workshop.. can;t wait for OMR to end.. trials coming soon.. gonna die of studying pressure.. HAIZ!

Peace out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not enough time..

There is just not enough time.. YERR! WHY SO LITTLE TIME! I need to finish up a stupid assignment and still need to post up my penang trip pics.. WHY CAN"T THEY HAVE NO SCHOOL FOR THE FREAKING WHOLE 2 month! sien a.. will update along with my exam results.. so far.. its all good! HAHA.. very short post. anyway, come join us at the CHS Idol final 2moro!Hope to see u der!This is a super short post.. tq

Peace out

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where is the love??? WTH!

So, recently.. my friend actually asked a girl out and tried to ask her to be his girlfriend.. As far as i know.. they love each other very much... Just, the girl has quite a lot of gangster friends and she is kinda like part of them.. so, call her a gangster girl... So, GG knew that my friend likes her, and she told me she liked him too.. BUT, (this part makes me real angry) She wouldnt go out with him just because, she is a gangster, and he ain't.. well, my friend ain't exactly very gangstery, and not that nerdy kinda type of guy, his just normal..(neutral) watever.. SO, the reason was she is scared that her gangster friends wont like her just because her bf ain't a gangster.. WTF... WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTF...

Haiz.. so, i asked my friend to move on.. altough he was heartbroken, he says he needs time.. wat is wrong anyway, can't pepople couple with other people which are not their kinda group? like wat, nerds can't date gangsters? or athletes can't date de artmaniacs.. its all a simple matter of psychological thing.. haiz.. seriously i just dun't get it..

Anyway, sumone said XOXO aint cool for me. so i decided to change.. haha

Peace out!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I feel so dumb..

Lol... looking at the calendar.. i realize.. I only have like only 4days to exam.. lol.. my study progress is only like 10 percent.. wow, i am doomed!! haha.. going to tuition later.. where the mid year exam is on progress.. hope i can get the highest score again.. wow, look at the time, havent bath, havent eat.. mati liao.. 30 mminutes to do everythign.. haiz..


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anniversary to that thoughtful day...

Well.. yesterday was the date where i freaking did that unthoughtful thing.. 15th of May.. Teachers day... still rmb quite well.. XD.. it was like it just happened yesterday... haha.. anyway. I did some things over the freaking weeks.. let me tell you all 1 by 1.

First, found my old beyblade toy.. so freaking happy!! was planning to bring to school 2moro, mana tahu.. i keep spin until one of the metal parts blew apart.. it still can be spinned.. but not as long as b4.. I spun it wif de metal ring on and it actuallly lasted for a whole 1.12 minutes.. after falling off the table, hitting the cupboard, hitting my toe(ouch) and a digi bag.. nice.. after the metal ring blew apart.. 20 secs only.. haiz.. i hate myself..

Secondly, Getting in the mood to study right now.. haha.. should be some fun out of studying.. lol.. need to concentrate more.. and btw.. I AM GETTING OVER HER... MUAHAHAHAH ioh i am good.. XD

Thirdly, forming a band with some of my friends.. and maybe train as a vocalist in my friends band..(they sing japanese songs, no vocailst, hard rock, interested, tell me.. i am helping them find) they have a freaking good bass guitarist freaking good drummer and a freaking good electric guitarist!!!

Fourthly, Finish learning ur call.. now just trying to coordinate myself and de guitar rhythm,, CANNOT CATCH UP A!! always too slow or too fast. haiz.. work on it after 2nd exam..

Lastly, going to school 2moro and need to see the frog again.. haiz.. feeling like slaughtering her.. haha.. pity her husband anyway..

So thats all for now.. in case u havent add me on facebook.. its John Yeo Chun Huay.. so add me baby!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Me and my pathetic little emotions... and some happy notes!

I dunno what got into me lately.. old feelings are just flooding back into me.. thinking back.. those days were kinda weird... high school romance just aint worth it.. I realised, high school is atough stage where everyone has to go through, so we have to bear with it. Lol...

Anyway, to cheer things up, I'll give you guys a little heads up on wat is up wif me these days.

Firstly, I am learning how to play your call-Secondhand serenade currently. WISH ME GOOD LUCK!! XD

Secondly, I got changed place again, fuck that teacher. Wont even listen to explanations.. So call reasonable.. T.T

Thirdly, quite bz with studies.. stupid exams coming.. thinking abt pmr in 5 months.. *faint*

Fourthly, got chs idol finals coming up.. btw, i am de host.. so trying to improvise de scripts.. haiz...

Lastly, de truth is im still not over her.. but im really trying damn hard so wish me luck!! haha, good luck to all ppl who are gonna sit for de exams!


Freaking love this cover... ON THE ROCK ROCKS!!!

haha, check this out.. cover for bad romance-lady gaga

hope you all like it!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

John.. U r fired..

lol.. i got fired from pkt lately.. and i am so NOT sad abt it.. its abt time actually... haha.. im joining de drama wif a couple of my frens.. haha.. eh.. damn bz dis days.. idol and all de projects piling up.. i am so doomed.. sumone help me!!!


Friday, April 9, 2010


DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! need or not wor???? I just throw when red flag only ma.. also never hit anyone.. plus der is no one der.. need scold so geng or not wor.. zzzz cb.. why sum qm members like dat one... I dun see all qm members like dat mah.. scolding ppl like siao kia.. like we dogs.. I dun think dos ppl can be qm lor.. cb... all sohais..


Saturday, April 3, 2010


so.. disis de 3rd year of my blog.. i have reached 100 posts!!! YES!!!!!! so.. for my 100th post.. i will say sumthing.. life is boring for me.. everyday i wake up and do de same thing a gain... so.. is dat wat life is abt?? today, im NOT gonna tellu abt life.. im gonna telll u abt my life.. which is kinda boring.. my likes and my donts.. i just really hate my life sumtimes.. i also dunno whyy i starting become emo child.. anyway.. took de pics already.. cant wait for dem to come out.. HAHA


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

exam is over.. results are back.. dats sad...

Haha.. played a lot in de school hols.. and now i got in touch with my new zealand fren.... yeah all is cool.. now.. test results are not all back.. extremely satisfied wif my geo marks.. and my maths.. maths i got 90! YEAH!! others.. not really high.. didnt fail.. HAHAA!!!!! ok good luck everyone.. got tuition later.. damn boringzzz


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jun Wei's party hangout!

Yo! wassup guys.. sorry 4 not updating so long.. ahah.. Paiseh..

So, this Sunday(14 Mar) , I went to Jun Wei's party hangout.. First.. I reach his house at about 11am.. HAHA.. Jay Vern, Jun Wei and Jayden were eating breakfast..I was full.. didn't eat anything..
Anyway.. Jay Vern changed his phone to an iphone.. lol.. ok, So, we waited for Jun Wei"s bro to come back from squash training.. and we all went to 1U..

First.. 4 of us went to play pool.. I sucked.. Jayden had a video.. it shows how suckish i am at pool.. HAHa.. he said he was gonna post it on fb.. haiz.. whr is de video! haha.. after dat.. we went to pizza milano!! for lunch.. I ate a carbonara sumthing sumthing.. its seafood..


ok, enough with de caps lock.. HAHA.. ok, we also went to redbox.. We sang 2 hours.. haha it was fun!!!!! but i couldnt sing any solo.. jun wei's bro keep singing.. dats sad.. HAHA
den i ate dinner at jun wei's house.. It was fried rice.. not bad!!! lol.. Jun Wei was trying to buy his new guitar..but it didn't work.. so i couldn't try my new pick at his house.. AHHA.. den we played mahjong.. den I went back home.. dats all.. HAHA

Friday, March 5, 2010


I didnt up date 4 so long.. serriously very sorry.. i very very bz dis days.. VERY SORRY!!!!!! after exam sure update.. ok?? TQ!!!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


sorry ya.. i seriously no time go update le... AHAHAHA.. wishing everyone a happy chinese new year!! XDXDXD


Thursday, January 14, 2010

new form!!! and new year resolution

I am in form 3 right now!! YEAH!! wake up at 6... board the van at 6.20.. reach school at abt 7 10 like dat lar...

morning class actually more fun... can have more time doing homework... ok.. new year resolution..
1)Get better results(DUH!)
2)Get less stomach ache in a year!
3)Try to bulid up frindship dat was lost with J.Y
4)Like the teachers more... (its hard)
5) DUNT fall asleep in class..

and i think dats about it.. and sum things to actually hope from my post..

Since its PMR year.. I wont be able to post as usual... sBut is eriously promise! dis will be coming ur way!
1) every movies I watch will be reviewed by me!! HAHAH
2) will also introduce songs to you!
3) (not guranteed) will change playlists often
4) post more abt myself!!! HAHAHA
dats all..

P.S: if my posts dun have "John XOXO".. its not by me... den my account is hacked.. LOL..