Friday, November 27, 2009

Another friday pracise...

k.. so i woke up dis morning.. feeling absolutely great.. i had a wonderful dream...

it was abt if me and jy actually got through as a couple... all went well... it was fun.. of course.. it will neever happen at real life.. we r just besties now.. haha
kk.. todays practise was cool.. she was emo de whole day though.. sumtime she smiles only.. i dun noe.. maybe i like her smile?
omg.. whr did i gone to.. haha.. love de practise.. 2moro going school for h&g.. getting boring.. haha


Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday practises..

ok.. today went perfect.. altough Jing Yee wasnt there.. which she was in pd... haha. ok.. we started out when i came to school at abt 845.. Jia Zhen wasnt there yet.. so i saw everyone at the canteen.. Hui Xin had a new haircut and it looked.... okay... haha.. we went to the sports centre and Jia Zhen pulled up the door.. then that stupid worrker devan... he started shouting.. fucker.. doesn't he know that spm and stpm r going on.. idiot damn git... and he started saying abt us.. and then he mentioned one word which made my head blow.. tu orang cina semua cam ini.. bodoh..
walau! damn u la.. rascit by.. dun work in chs la.. no one force u.. bleh get the heck out of there.. dun wanna see ur ugly stupid face..

ok.. we trained and got everything perfect today... too bad attendance sucked though.. hah.. ok.. gtg have fun guys.. dis is my 91th post.. 100 coming up.. cant wait!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday practises! YEAH!

so.. as u all know.. we r habing choir practises this holiday.. last friday went one that was totally syok..

On Wednesday... I talked to her on the phone.. for like an entire hour.. till, she gtg..

WE were ok besties then.. but i didnt actually speak to her face to face since dat incident.

so, ook friday practises, we came.. we were still not speaking. until like 1030, she came to me and ssaid.. 还不敢讲啊?.. then we started talking during lunc.. with ming zhao. jie ying and them saying not enough room on the table.. so.. we eventually had to be lightbulbs on teck ming and eunice's table.. ahha

then we went back.. all along the way.. we were like talking.. dman nice wei.. haha.. i thought i couldnt keep aside my feelings.. butt hey! I ACTUALLY DID!

haha... so, she went back home 4 tuition.. n now she is in muar.. and it is freeakin boring there.. i know.. ok.. John.. peace out!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

we r officially cool with it.. i think it was me?

lol.. after talking to JY in the phone for 1 hour.. she was quite ok.. we got back as best frens status... haha.. so glad.. i think its time i cool down and just be frens with her.. jy.. u rock!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I wanna get num 1!!!!!!!!!!
haha, drama went past peacefully... ntg much happenned... lol, 2A2's was funny... i just hope we really win.. i dun want Yin Yin to cry again...

any way... Have fun.. today is my second last day as a form 2...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

am i overeacting???

ok, first, i think i am too overreacting with my crush on jy... its wierd...

i think im dying to know more about her, but the problem is... i may feel like a stalker... ok,
i know her ic number, her birthday(duh, everyone knows that), seeing her secretly everytime in the canteen, avoiding her but trying to get close to her at the same time, seeing her everytime in choir if i have a chance, im like crazy!!
ok, also, my super best friend is surely Rui Zhi, cuz he helps me when i have my stomach ache... i love ya!! but i aint not gay...

so.. is eriousy need sumone to talk to... find counseling.. rite.. and all they will say is put ur head in ur studies.. i need a fren.. seriously...