Thursday, October 29, 2009

beautiful... ya right..

ok, so a couple of frens was asking me the other day in the school,
that girl leng a?

ok... lots of girls r beautiful in their own ways,
sumtimes we cant just judge ppl by their looks.. its bad

ok, put it this way, all the good looking anime girls mostly turns out to be... evil..

so.. every girl is beautiful, inner or outer, so, guys, dun ask me which girl is leng ok??? THANK YOU!

ok, so far, im cool with coupling, im done finito, but still with a little hope, tinsy winsy hope,
meanwhile, have fun guys!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


well... due to the commment that the bastard gave.. anyone u r... *bitter* so.. sorry to her.. but i already vowed i wont be in a relationship until like.. after high school.. what kind of english does this guy understand.... ok.. fine.. maybe she will be angry... but who cares anymore.. i like to bertepuk sebelah tangan.. i m just angry sumone says sumthin like dis to me.. its very annoying..

haiz.. so.. we r not going genting anymore... due to sumthin...*double bitter*... haiz... so, i seriously i can even keep my own intrests..... is that a crime? IS IT???

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twit ME!!! again!

I have changed my acc name... sorry!!!! anyway... now it is: chunhuay

have fun!

This Is IT!!!

So... one day since the release of the new song.... THIS IS IT! by MJ... sorry.. couldnt put on playlist.. too had to put on post

I lovee this song...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Genting.. IM COMING

so... any of u have ntg to do during 11-24December??

COME TO GENTING!! You get to see CHS-Choir in performance...(including me) hehe...

so.... HAVE FUN!

Twit ME!!!

yo yo yo... check this out man... i got a new twitter acc. you wanna follow me.. my username is darkschion...


have fun u all

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New play list!

I am a very playlist-serious guy....
so normmaly... its on my mood.... Have fun on this one!!
It has...
2)Just So You Know-Jesse Mccartney
3)Secondhand Serenade-Fall for you
4)Colbie Callit-Falling for you
5)Jay-Z feat Rihanna and Kanye West-Run this town

The only reason i chose the first four songs are... their lovey.... which is quite the type of music i quite like.... for run this town... i just like it!! XDXD

at we take playlist seriously!

Keep ya Head in the game!!

Lol, its been a very intresting week for me.. I am currnetly sitting on a chair.... 245am... phew... mom knows this.. im toast!!

Ok, so I'm sure all of you would like to know who my single handed crush(bitter) is... So, I am going to say... but just dont spread it alright... or tease.. I hate those kinda stuff!!!

Ok, so, she is Jing Yee, the strawberry.... I feel so stupid for coming out with a name... strawberry.... sweet and soour at the same time... nice.......

Koh Jing Yee, I feel funny about you..... you are just... funny! anyways... who would fall for a guy which just said....
"wanna be my gf?" that was the worst thing ive ever done in my entire love career.... BOOOM!!! THE END!!!

so... kick me !! XDXD