Friday, June 26, 2009


Bugger... I sleep in my uncles car got problem meh!! The flyer got my name which is actually from a part of the bible also wanna tease me.. wth is ur problem boon... wth is ur problem!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jay Verns party...

Sorry for the super duper late reply... dats becuz I got seriously got no time to even update me blog!!! haha..

SO, anyway, I went to Jay Verns house at 24 May for his super minor birthday party... I reached Jay Vern's house at Mutiara Damansara (which took me 45 minutes just to get there) at approximately 10:45am.... When ireached his house.. I was the last one there.. SO UNFAIR!! Hey, I live in Subang Ya,know!!!! Haha, anyway... Jayden and Jun Wei was already there. So, we played games and coms for a long time. After a lot of naggings and delays, we finnaly took off to one utama(which took only 5 mins from his house) for movie. We reached there at about 1 pm.

After the parking and wverything, we actually went to buy Cik Ngan's present In a gift shop called S&J. Haha.. We actually bought a model ship which cost RM10.90!! then we had to buy a wrapper which cost another RM1.20 so, the total bill was RM12.10!! Jay Vern paid RM5, Jun Wei paid RM10, hey wat else could i do, so i paid 10 cents!! haha, anyway, i am the one that chose the present!! bleh!

After that, while waiting for the movie(230pm) to start, we played a game of pool. Me and Jayden vs Jun Wei and birthday boy. It was a tag game. We played very good, but oh well, Jayden messed up the last shot and so we lost. Then we played Fusball!!! Me vs Jayden. I was leading 4-0 and then suddenly, it happened in a flash!@@4-5. I LOST!!!!! damn it~!!
then, they played the final, of course, Jun Wei won Jayden!! HAHAH!!

so, we went to the gold class cinema to watch night at the museum 2. GOLD CLASS IS AWesome!!!!!!!!!!!! we get t o seat sofas, we get served food that we order in the lounge! It is absolytely awesome. OF COURRSE, RM45 for a ticket.. wow.....
then, the parents drove us to The Curve for Karaoke in Red Box. We sang and sang and sang for about 3-4 hours. Jay Vern's father came to pick us up at last.

Then we went to One world hotel for DINNER. that is where we met up with Sue. haha, we had a great time there, but unfortunately, i gotta stomach ache, lols. then everyone except Jayden went back to Jay Vern's house. Me and Sue were the last to leave. we left at about 12am or summat.. I had a great time.

Me and Jun Wei at the gold class cinema,(sitting together)

Jay Vern and Jayden

From left:Jay Vern, me, Jun Wei and Jayden

The awesome 4

at s&J

Sue's pic

Jay Vern in a funny looking pose with the knife

Sue's request, she eating lemongrassjelly

Me and Sue

Me and Jun Wei