Friday, May 22, 2009

Love Lockdown and I love you

Great... my love is like being lockdowned or sumthing..... I just dont feel the same anymore.... Ok anyway... JY... I will love u 4eva in my heart and i will never ever get you out of my mind!!! Altough you had a bitter time durinng March... I promise i will never beat that guy up(even though I so wanted to) haha... there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you.. I Love You!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


haha.,. so i woke up at about 6 in the morning.. for The sports day.... I sat my uncles car to school and waited for the sports day... Meanwhile.. i chatted with Shean and met up with Amanda Lee and Sue Ann... haha... we waited.... and eventually.. it started at about 8pm... I sat with Yi Yun that day.. and we saw a lot of intresting stuff that day.. then.. after the parade.. we splited. and i found Sue.. I changed a bottle of revive.. a small apple.. and a burger with me thrustworthy coupon!! haha... o valuable... okie.. so borrowed my phone to Sue to call her mom.. then after dat.. the 100 meter dash started.. I was cheering like mad for UNGU!!! haha... then Sue's mom called to ask her to be fast cuz she got a squash competition afterwards... so my phone keep ringing... I keep on informing Sue.. running to the toilet to pick the phone up.. BUT it was all worth it for Sie.. haha.. after sending her out of school.. i returned to the was 4*100m.. and sues team got 2nd.. haha.. anyway after dat was the interschool program for berpadu thing.. how do i ut this.. okay... CHS OWNED Taman Megah and Datuk Harun!! HAHA!!! at the end.. UNGU WON THE OVERAALLLL CHAMPION!! TAT SHING GOT PESERTA TERBAIK!! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!

After the sports day.. I went for choir meeting.. got the job of working with the judges... haiz.. that is gonna be a long day... and i rushed home.. bathed... eat a sang yok pau.... want to sunway medical for medical check up.. then ent home to relax.. later the family went to KL PLAZA to stay for 1 night.. we checked in at about 10pm.. wow.. wat a record... then i watched Pricess Diaries 2 on tv3 b4 sleeping.

So.. next day I woke up.... went to eat breakfast... and went home after haing a stroll at sungei wang..... then we went to times square, then we went back home.. then me and me dad watch wolverine... damn freakin nice!!!!!

damn letih but damn happy.. lols.. see you guys next time!! Hasta la vista baby...