Saturday, February 14, 2009

Merentas DESA!!!

today... is meretas desa!!! To be frankly, i LOVE MERENTAS DESA!!!!lols..... anyway.. i reached school at 6:30 in the morning... then i walked around the school cause i was too bored.. then i saw Justin them at reading corner.. so i joined them and Justin and i walked around the school talking about June... lol..(not the month.. a person)... then we saw sue.. and we eventually talked until people started flooding in the school... lol.. ok.. so.. we went into the hall... at &:30 am.. and we waited for quite a long time before we went for running... meanwhile.. Tat Shing did some warm up moves for us...and we followed... lol... anyway.. when i started running... i got tripped by a form 1.. yeesh... i hate it so much.. eventually.. ya.. i got a bruise.. lol

Okay.. so i ran finish all 4.75km's witha bleeding leg..... lols.. then i checked in and got a coupon for points!! i am so damn happy man!! lols... i actually won 15th place.... lols... but too bad i never took me medal cause i didn't collect it so i don't know where my medal is now.. so.. happy!!!... wanna SEE me leg!!!